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scholarships for women in STEM

College costs have become a major concern for students, particularly women. Scholarship funding can be an invaluable asset and enable students to pursue their goals without worrying about accruing excessive debt.

While many scholarships are geared toward STEM fields, there are also those that focus on other academic areas as well. Examples include art scholarships for female sculptors or visual artists.

Reach for the Gold Book Scholarship

Reach for the Gold Book Scholarship is one of America’s largest women’s scholarships and open to all female high school seniors. Recipients are chosen based on academic excellence, athletic prowess and community involvement. Applicants must submit either an essay or video that explains why they deserve to receive this honor.

To assist women in the workforce transition from their current position, this program provides mentorship and access to resources like job training and an online networking platform. Furthermore, this scholarship can cover travel expenses for professional development conferences or seminars.

The Women’s Technology Association administers over 200 separate funds that award renewable and one-time awards to deserving women pursuing computer science or engineering degrees. Annual awards range from $1,000 to $10,000, with attendance at an ABET-accredited program serving as the universal threshold requirement.

This nonprofit organization offers non-tuition awards for expenses beyond the classroom, such as educational conferences and instructional programs related to creative or artistic pursuits, graduate exam application fees and textbooks. Furthermore, it funds a college/university scholar-in-residence conducting research on gender equity issues.

This organization has a long and proud history of supporting education and equality for women and girls, including academics, public school teachers, activists, and those preparing for fields underrepresented by women or people of color. As the largest source of funding exclusively dedicated to female researchers and professionals alike, this program gives women the tools needed to break down barriers and excel in both education and career pursuits.

This organization strives to assist low-income women over 35 years of age in building better lives through postsecondary education, offering several scholarships such as the Harriet Fitzgerald Scholarship, Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund and Latin America Program.

Although these scholarships may not be suitable for every woman, they can be an excellent way to begin your academic journey. The key is finding the one that works best with both your goals and aspirations.

The Tobi Scholarship is the perfect option for women who aspire to be leaders and influencers in their communities. As part of the award, applicants will receive $200 worth of store credit plus a special Tobi-branded bag to showcase their stylish flair.

Margaret McNamara Education Grants

Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) is an organization that gives women in developing countries educational opportunities. They award competitive grants to exceptional women from these nations who are enrolled as full-time students at accredited universities in the United States and Canada, have demonstrated financial need, and are dedicated to working for the wellbeing of women and children.

The MMEG provides financial support to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students pursuing academic careers in fields where gender equity has been an issue. Their awards range from Selected Professions Fellowships and Research Fellowships to Community Action Grants and Career Development Grants.

These scholarships are available to women with an interest in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). To be eligible for these awards, female graduates from high school must submit their transcripts as well as two letters of recommendation from teachers who can attest to your qualifications for receiving the scholarship.

Women reentering the workforce after an absence or change in careers may qualify for scholarships. For instance, AAUW’s Return to Learning Scholarship provides a $2500 scholarship to females returning to studies after an extended absence or career change.

Additionally, many organizations provide scholarships for women returning to school to finish their degrees. These may include corporations, feminine advocacy groups and a host of nonprofits that promote continuing education for women.

The AAUW has a longstanding legacy of expanding educational opportunities for women around the globe. Their grants and fellowships motivate women to research in various fields and improve schools and communities. These scholars are instrumental in changing how society views and treats women. Their efforts are driven by intellect, dedication, imagination and hard work – offering promise of new paths in scholarship, improved schools and communities, as well as more equal and inclusive societies.

Amelia Earhart Scholarship

Amelia Earhart had a profound effect on society, inspiring women to reach for the stars and pursue their interests. As an acclaimed aviator and pacifist, she also served as champion for women’s rights.

The Amelia Earhart Scholarship offers financial assistance to women pursuing advanced degrees in aerospace engineering or space sciences. It’s available to up to 30 women worldwide and can be used at any university or college that offers accredited post-graduate courses and degrees.

Earhart epitomized the qualities that define a feminist: ambition, risk-taking and determination to succeed. Throughout her career, she championed women’s rights by inspiring them to stand up in male-dominated spaces and prove they could excel at their chosen professions.

She believed that women should have the same opportunities and rights to pursue careers and raise families as men did. Furthermore, she advocated for equality in terms of job opportunities and leadership positions between both sexes.

Amelia Earhart was a remarkable champion for women’s rights before she achieved fame as an aviator. She worked at Denison House in Boston, founded by three women in 1892 by three strong advocates for equality.

Earhart is remembered as one of aviation’s greatest aviators, and she played an influential role in creating Ninety-Nines, a club for female pilots. As its first president, Earhart inspired many women to pursue aviation as their career.

Earhart overcame her turbulent marriage to George Palmer Putnam, her father’s alcoholism, and lack of formal schooling to become the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean. Ultimately, Earhart achieved great success in both life and career – becoming the first female pilot ever to do so!

After Earhart disappeared in 1937, her disappearance became a national mystery that still fascinates people to this day. Although no remains have ever been recovered, her legacy lives on through generations of pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike.

Though Earhart’s legacy as a pioneer aviator and pacifist is well known, her impact as an advocate for women’s rights is yet to be fully appreciated. That is why Jessica Perkins and Rachel Small of Purdue University’s Center for Women’s Leadership are taking action to ensure future women can learn from Earhart’s experiences too. Through an independent study program, they are helping spread awareness about women’s roles in society and how they can excel in their own lives.

Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Are you interested in pursuing a career in business? Consider applying for the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship. This scholarship rewards female business school students who strive to break gender barriers at work and has awarded more than 1,500 scholarships since 1998.

Zonta International created this scholarship program as a way of encouraging women to pursue their business interests and help them break through barriers from the classroom to the boardroom. To this end, Zonta International provided scholarships for female students with exceptional potential who want to make an impact in business; these awards are available nationwide.

This scholarship program is open to current and former members of Zonta International, as well as women who have demonstrated a dedication to gender equality in business. The award can be renewed up to four times and used towards tuition or other school-related expenses.

In addition to funding, this scholarship includes membership to the national Zonta International business club, offering networking and professional development opportunities for members. It’s an invaluable way for businesswomen to connect and build lasting connections.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and have completed one year of studies in business management at either bachelor’s or graduate level. You can apply online for this award.

It’s a program that assists black women in inner-cities pursue business education to break the cycle of poverty and improve their lives. It provides funding for business school as well as counseling services, transportation, tutoring and mentoring.

This scholarship program is available to women pursuing an MBA or other advanced degree in business. The goal is to increase the number of women leaders in both business and government. Women who have achieved a GPA of at least 3.0 and demonstrate outstanding academic accomplishment are eligible.

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