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Top 5 International Student Insurance Plans

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A student insurance plan can make your college experience that much better. These plans offer a range of advantages to keep you healthy and content during college.

However, you should also be aware of the coverage limits. Many student plans have a per-condition cap which limits how much the insurance company will pay out for an illness or injury.


Cigna boasts an expansive network of providers, making it simple for members to get in-network care. Plus, Cigna provides telehealth services which enable members to speak with doctors and receive advice either online or by phone.

CIGNA provides a selection of health insurance plans, including high-deductible ones that provide affordable coverage. Plus, these plans come with preventive care benefits like annual physicals and flu shots.

When looking for college student insurance, Cigna offers coverage that covers most costs – including medical emergencies. However, this plan may be more expensive than other options, so it’s essential to shop around before selecting one.

Cigna offers a range of health insurance and Medicare Supplement options to fit any need. They provide competitive prices and comprehensive coverage options, plus excellent customer service.

MyCigna accounts provide you with access to coverage details, claims and appointments. They also allow you to set goals and monitor spending. Plus, myCigna can search for health care providers in your area.

The company also offers a discount program called Healthy Rewards that provides discounts on weight loss and nutrition programs, acupuncture/massage treatments, vision care services, hearing aids and over-the-counter wellness items. Plus you can save money on LASIK eye surgery procedures, yoga products – the list is endless!

Tax-exempt dollars can be used for eligible expenses, and Optum offers ten free counseling sessions annually. These telehealth consultations cover a range of issues from sexual health to gender transition surgery to depression and anxiety.

Another advantage of Cigna is their 24-Hour Health Information Line. Counselors are available 24/7 to answer questions about diagnoses or where to get care, as well as help you locate a doctor or hospital near your home.

Cigna boasts an expansive network of health care providers and facilities across the U.S., so it’s always easy to locate the right one for you. Plus, its mobile app and website make tracking your health simple – perfect for on-the-go or at home!

Cigna offers an impressive suite of benefits and programs, making it no surprise why so many people opt to use its services. Not only is the company financially sound, but it has an award-winning customer service team as well as an expansive national network of top notch healthcare providers and facilities.


Aetna is a well-known US health insurance provider with an expansive lineup of policies and an expansive customer base. Additionally, they provide online resources and information to assist individuals in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare needs.

Aetna offers various student health insurance plans to assist college students cover medical expenses while in school. They also cover preventive visits and emergency care needs.

Aetna offers student health insurance as well as Medicare and Medicaid plans for older adults. With a stellar reputation for providing high-quality yet budget-friendly coverage options, Aetna continues to earn its customers’ loyalty.

The Aetna website is user-friendly and packed with useful resources. Registering an account and logging in takes just one click, making getting started a breeze.

Another outstanding feature of Aetna’s website is the International Mobile Assistant, which lets you access your account, locate a doctor and more from your phone. This feature proves especially handy for those living abroad.

Aetna offers their catastrophic plan, which includes free flu shots and health screenings plus three visits to a primary physician within one year. This affordable option will cover major emergencies and potentially save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Aetna also provides HMO-POS plans, which are similar to HMOs but offer some additional perks. With these plans, you can access providers outside Aetna’s network as well, but typically at a higher out-of-pocket cost for these services.

Finally, Aetna offers a selection of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans with additional preventive services and prescription drug coverage. These options are perfect for anyone seeking more than just Original Medicare coverage.

Aetna also provides supplemental insurance options such as Medigap, which covers any Medicare-related costs not covered by Original Medicare. Depending on your state of residence, these supplemental plans can range from low-deductible to comprehensive high-deductible options.


IMG is a trusted global leader in travel medical insurance, having served millions of travelers since 1990. No matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, IMG has an option that meets your needs. Their multilingual representatives offer personalized service and can handle claims quickly and efficiently.

IMG’s international health care plans offer several levels of coverage, from hospital and outpatient care to prescriptions, chemotherapy, radiation, physical therapy, organ transplants and emergency evacuation. Furthermore, they provide dental and vision care as well as accidental death coverage as well as global term life insurance.

IMG has earned a stellar reputation for excellent customer service and an extensive PPO network of physicians and health care facilities around the globe. Their policies are underwritten by Sirius International, an established global insurance provider who shares IMG’s commitment to serving international markets with financial stability to give you peace of mind.

Students seeking an annual renewable student insurance plan that meets the requirements for their study visa can benefit from IMG Student Health Advantage. This comprehensive plan is ideal for students and scholars enrolled in long-term educational programs, offering benefits like maternity coverage, mental health support, organized sports coverage and international emergency care.

Individual or group members can enroll in this plan, with a maximum limit of $500,000. Dependents are covered at a reduced rate.

Deductible options abound, and IMG will waive 50% of your deductible if you meet certain medical criteria. This is especially beneficial for those needing coverage for preexisting conditions.

Additionally, IMG’s international student insurance plans come with a Healthy Travel supplement that includes vaccinations and other preventative health care before you leave home. This can help protect you against common health issues like rabies or malaria.

IMG’s plans are annually renewable and include additional benefits like terrorism coverage and missionaries coverage. Plus, their 24-hour support team is available to answer any queries you may have during your trip.

If you’re uncertain which student insurance plan is right for you, IMG’s website provides a helpful comparison tool to help find the ideal option. Plus, it enables you to manage your policy online – download your policy ID card, make corrections and even locate healthcare providers.

ICICI Lombard

ICICI Lombard is one of India’s premier private general insurance companies, providing a range of products that cover all needs from health insurance and car insurance to home and travel coverage.

In addition to offering quality products, they strive for outstanding customer support. A dedicated team is available 24/7 to answer customers’ queries and complaints. Customers may contact them either by phone or email.

ICICI Lombard’s nationwide network of hospitals allows them to offer premier cashless hospitalisation solutions to their clients. This sets them apart from other health insurers by relieving clients of the burden of accessing treatment at a nearby facility.

To purchase a health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard, go to their website and select the plan that meets both your budget and coverage needs. Once selected, fill out the online form with all required documents, and your policy will be processed within a few days.

ICICI Lombard’s health insurance plans are user-friendly and highly flexible. They offer complete cover for you and your family, with a complimentary health check-up coupon each year to keep everyone healthy. Plus, the co-payment clause has been removed so that medical treatments won’t eat into your savings account.

Another advantage offered by ICICI Lombard is an attractive rewards program. Your wellness points can be used to lower your health insurance premiums at a later date.

With an ICICI Lombard health insurance plan, you could receive a bonus amount each claim-free year. This amount could amount to up to 10% of the total insured, depending on your plan.

Health Booster policies also offer the option of an excess claim payment for any claim that exceeds your deductible. This is ideal for people with high medical expenses who want to safeguard their finances in case of any unanticipated crises.

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