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How to Find Free Scholarships For College

Scholarships For College

Scholarships are an excellent way to cover some of the costs of college. They come in various forms, and can be both need- and merit-based.

Scholarships can help students cover tuition, room and board or even the full cost of college. But to maximize your chances of success, it’s important to find scholarships tailored towards both academic goals and financial circumstances.

Broke Scholar

Broke Scholar is a scholarship search engine with an expansive database of available awards. Its free, no-obligation service helps students locate third party scholarships and grant money for school. Plus, its adaptive matching engine saves time and effort by searching the largest selection of awards tailored to your individual circumstances.

Broke Scholar not only boasts an expansive search database, but they also provide students with numerous tools to aid in the process of finding scholarships, applying for them, and monitoring their progress. The website even has a free guide on financial aid as well as an college affordability calculator.

If you’re in need of financial aid for college or just want to start building some debt-free wealth, these scholarships can help get the ball rolling. They range from traditional merit awards to creative contests for creative ideas.

Horatio Alger Scholarship Program, Gates Scholarship, Unmet Need Scholarship and Young Scholars are three of the top need-based scholarships available to high school graduates from low-income families. Each award is worth $25,000 and strives to help alleviate some of the obstacles that stand in their way.

QuestBridge National College Match Scholarships – This award, which partners with some of America’s most selective colleges, covers all tuition and fees as well as books, supplies and travel costs. There is no parental or student contribution required and can be combined with other college financing programs to make college even more affordable for you.

Davis-Putter Scholarships – This program awards scholarships to student activists whose work promotes social and economic justice and change. The award is need-based, providing financial assistance, mentoring services, and professional development opportunities.

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship – This no-essay scholarship is designed to aid those who share a passion for vegetarianism. You can win this scholarship by sharing your knowledge about veganism and vegetarian diets, writing a letter to an organization supporting vegetarians or participating in an associated fundraiser.

Patsy Mink Women in Politics Scholarship – This scholarship program is for women who are transitioning through life. You must demonstrate a need, describe the challenge you are facing, and outline your objectives.


Chegg is an online education platform that offers textbook rentals (both digital and physical), homework help, tutoring services, scholarship search engines and internship posting services. Furthermore, Chegg hosts a wide selection of scholarships for college students to choose from.

Chegg’s mission is to assist students in reaching their academic goals, but they also strive to make higher education more affordable for everyone. That is why they created an intuitive scholarship search engine so students can easily identify the scholarship opportunities that best meet their individual needs.

In addition to offering scholarships, the site also provides study tools like flashcard creation and management, subject-based online tutoring, automatic math solving, test preparation service, and an internship job portal. As such, it has become one of the most comprehensive scholarship platforms available on the market.

However, it’s essential to remember that Chegg is not a peer tutoring service and may not suit everyone. Some students have reported receiving answers to questions that were either too quick or inaccurate; this raises serious concerns as it could lead them to miss out on important information or cheat on their exams.

Another concern is that some students may use the same account for multiple courses and colleges. This could raise suspicion and result in account suspension.

Chegg’s privacy policy is strict, however they have the option to release student information to colleges or universities as part of an official investigation into academic dishonesty. However, this would only be done if it is deemed necessary in order to safeguard a student’s reputation or educational pursuits.

Some have reported the site is used for cheating on exams, leading colleges to ban students from using Chegg. In response to these complaints, Chegg has implemented an “honor code policy” and no longer shares user information with colleges or universities for any reason.

Although some are worried that Chegg’s service could be used to cheat on exams, many students have found it to be an invaluable tool and source of high-quality, on-demand information. Furthermore, using the service is legal and most users agree that it helps them learn.

Financial Aid Finder

College educations can be expensive, but scholarship opportunities help offset some of the burden. Millions of students attend college each year to pursue their interests or build the foundations for successful careers.

To maximize their college experience, students should complete and submit the Free Application for State Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. Doing this puts them in the running for all federal aid as well as some state and institutional grants and scholarships.

Many college financial aid awards are need-based, but a small number of merit-based grants may also be awarded. These awards are usually given based on academic achievements or special circumstances like disability or military service.

No matter if you are searching for a merit-based or need-based scholarship, there is likely an option out there that meets your requirements and goals. A great place to begin your search is College Board’s Scholarship Finder which lists over 2,200 programs.

This site allows students to search for scholarships by state, major, school year and interest; plus it offers tips on finding awards that fit their profile and interests. Furthermore, the platform serves military personnel, adult learners, transfer students and international students with ease.

Fastweb has been providing free scholarship databases since 1995, featuring an advanced search engine that lets you narrow your searches based on interests, academic qualifications and personal details. Furthermore, their College Scholarship Directory highlights new and large scholarships within their database and allows users to review them by category or student type.

Fastweb scholarship search not only caters to college-specific searches, but students can use it to apply for other scholarships they might qualify for like internships and graduate school opportunities. It’s an invaluable resource for both students and their parents as it saves them time and money when searching for scholarship funding. Plus, the Fastweb team does a thorough job screening each opportunity before it reaches its national database, giving every student the best chance at receiving funds for college.

College Board

The College Board is a nonprofit organization that serves students, teachers and academic institutions. Established in 1900, they offer students numerous services to prepare them for college and careers. Furthermore, they create standardized tests to measure student progress and help colleges set benchmarks for admissions or graduation rates.

The College Board strives to equip all students with the necessary skills for success in higher education. This includes aiding them with college planning and preparation, discovering scholarships, and covering tuition expenses.

One way they do this is by offering free SAT practice. Additionally, AP courses allow high school students to earn college credit before they begin attending college. Utilizing these options will reduce college costs and make your freshman year simpler.

The College Board also offers scholarships for college. Unlike merit-based awards, these don’t require students to repay the money they receive.

Many students can win College Board scholarships through the BigFuture program. These awards are free-to-win and determined based on a student’s background, achievements, interests and future plans.

At present, the program awards two $40,000 scholarships and hundreds of $500 scholarships each month. To be eligible, a student must have an active College Board account and complete at least one of the six BigFuture steps.

The six steps are: creating your college list, taking practice tests for the SAT, researching scholarships and strengthening it accordingly, filling out the FAFSA and applying to colleges. Not only will completing these steps increase your chances of winning one of these scholarships but they will also teach you how to structure an effective college application and boost your chances of admission into a top university.

The College Board’s BigFuture scholarship program is an invaluable way to defray the costs of attending college and earning a degree. This is an essential milestone in students’ educational journey as it opens doors for greater career possibilities in their future.

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